Leon van Baal

Leon van Baal

After obtaining his university degrees in company law, tax law and international tax law, Leon van Baal has been a tax lawyer for 20 years now.
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After his Leiden University degrees Netherlands business law (4 years) and general tax law (4 years), Leon has completed a 2 year LL.M course international and EU tax law as second in his class at the International Tax Centre (ITC) managed by Kees van Raad and Tanja Bender at Leiden University. Leon has also studied US tax law at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.


In the past, Leon has worked in the tax department of the US law firm King & Spalding as summer associate in Atlanta, Loyens & Loeff tax lawyers (3 years) and as senior tax manager with Ernst & Young Tax advisers (7 years) of which 3 years as managing director of the Dutch Desk at Ernst & Young Curacao.
Leon has operated as an independent tax lawyer for more than 10 years now. Leon is also writer for the international tax part of the Dutch fiscal encyclopedia NDFR (‘Nederlandse Documentatie Fiscaal Recht’) as published by SDU publishers. In this regard, Leon writes commentaries on the various Netherlands Tax Treaties (he has completed commentaries on the Netherlands-Singapore and the Netherlands-Ireland tax treaties and is currently working on the tax treaty with Luxembourg).