Organisations and network

Organisations and network

The clients of Van Baal Tax Services are confronted with national and international tax challenges.


Van Baal Tax Services is full member of the Netherlands Association of Tax Advisers (NOB). This is the professional organization for tax professionals with one or more university degrees. This membership ensures a good permanent education and a national network of colleagues firms.
Servicing Dutch clients often demands close cooperation with tax specialists in the area of VAT, wage tax and social security as well as municipal taxes.
Moreover a good cooperation exists with a number of attorneys, notaries public, CPA firms and accountants. This cooperation does not have a fixed form as tailor made solutions remain necessary, each client and each tax problem may call for another service provider.


Providing tax law services to international clients demands a pool of local advisers in other countries. Van Baal Tax Services maintains a large informal network of high quality tax law and tax advisory firms around the globe.
The spinal cord of this pool is the diversity of international organizations of which Van Baal Tax Services is a member and the relations that are maintained with colleagues abroad. These organizations are i.a.: the International Fiscal Association (IFA), the International Bar Association (IBA) and the American bar association (ABA).
Also for its international network Van Baal Tax Services has not pinned itself on a fixed group in order to retain the best solution and the best compatible foreign lawyer/adviser for the client.